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Join me on a great journey!

Do you know how you want to be perceived by your clients, prospects, colleagues or followers? Are you working each day to confirm that perception? I can help you develop your genuine personal brand that is in line with your personality and at the same time relevant and interesting to others..

We work together to turn these plans into concrete actions so you will get the results you desire – through an authentic and interesting personal brand.
At the same time you'll start a journey of personal development – it’s effective, energizing and fun! 

Well planned and executed coaching and training helps in establishing a personal brand. I have more than 15 years of experience in training executives and experts in a wide variety of industries and fields, like finance and insurance, pharma, food and beverage, technology, industry and public administration.

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Your Personal Brand

You have a secret weapon. You.

You probably know that your personal brand is the way people perceive you. The perception evolvs and develops every day as you interact with people. But have you realized you can use your personal brand to increase your credibility, influence and appeal? By conciously developing your own personal brand you are directly influencing the way people see you.

Learn to use your own strengths

A successful personal brand is based on your true personality, in who you are and what you beleive in. It combines your personality and competencies in a convincing way.

Your organization benefits from having leaders and experts that are known and respected as influencers. This applies to entrepreneurs as well. With a strong personal brand, sales are easier, investors are convinced and clients are happier.

Personal branding is for


A leader with a strong personal brand is more likely to succeed. The employees see her as the kind of leader she wants to be. Outside the organization she is seen as an influencer in her industry

Professionals and experts

Personal branding helps professionals and experts in their field to stand out in a credible and convincing way. 


The personal brand of entrepreneurs are often closely tied to their company. Combining the two creates a great platform for success.


Director, Financial Services

I had the pleasure of working with a client in transition between jobs. We had a few months to prepare to make sure he got the best start at his new position as member of the company steering group and head of his division. He already had a clear view of his personal leadership philosophy, so we focused on making sure he would come across exactly the way he wanted to with his team and clients. Our plan focused on using his strong interpersonal skills to connect with his new colleagues and clients.

”Tom helped me absorb what is useful, to reject was is useless and to add and to highlight what is specifically mine. He created a comprehensive, detailed and to-the-point, authentic personal brand manual. Invaluable. Thank you Tom!"

Maija Piiroinen, Entrepreneur

Maija is an experienced entrepreneur, who was looking to reshape her business. She knew her own personal strengths and motivational factors and we started building her new business concept and personal brand based on that. We created a concept that is in line with her personality and started marketing and communicating that concept. The client especially appreciated my constructive questioning and ability to develop new ideas. As a result, Maija changed her company brand to ”Yksilölähtöinen muutos”.

”It was great to find a focused business concept that allowed me to use my renaissance personality as a natural part of my personal brand”

Mediatraining, Finnish Insurance Center

I conducted personal media training for spokespersons at the Finnish Insurance Center (Vakuutuskeskus). Everyone had already participated in a group media training. A personal one-to-one training is an excellent way of taking media interview skills to the next level, because one can take into account personal needs and expectations and focus on things that really make a difference. Finnish Insurance Center consists of four organizations: Motor Insurers' Centre, Patient Insurance Centre, Environmental Insurance Centre and Pharmaceutical Insurance Pool.

”Tom was able to create a relaxed but efficient atmosphere. His hands-on training gave me excellent tips, both verbal and nonverbal, for performing in front of a camera”

Way of working

1. Personality assessment

A good personal brand is built on a strong and real foundation, which is your own personality, your strengths and motivators. 

2. Personal brand profile 

Your personal brand profile describes who you are and how you want others to perceive you. 

3. Tailor made plan

Ready to start walking the talk? Thanks to the plan you know what to do and how to do it. 

4. Coaching

An excellent plan is worthless unless it is implemented. We will walk the path of personal branding together. 


Would you like to stay up to date with the latest in personal branding? Check out my YouTube channel. It’s in Finnish only, but let me know if you would like to see content in English as well.